For their eponymous debut album, The Filthy Flamingos asked artists to design band-merch t-shirts to accompany the breakthru-album of their favorite rock-band, The Filthy Flamingos.

Now, to prove that they are not the typical ‘One-Hit-Wonder’ band and to show that they are here to stay, The Filthy Flamingos picked their favourite bands and paid them homage by redesigning the most iconic rock-band-merch-shirts of all times and adding some filthyness. Vienna-based artist Stipan worked his magic and created a star-studded best-of featuring:

Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Rage Against The Machine
Sex Pistols
The Velvet Underground

Again, all designs are limited to 69, numbered from 1 – 69 respectively, they come in S, M & L for our ladies and in L & XL for the boys. We only use the best available and sustainable fabrics from Stanley & Stella for our Tshirts.

We are very thankful for the great minds that make our project happen and remain proud supporters of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation Switzerland


cheers and remember to STAY FILTHY

The Filthy Flamingos


The Filthy Flamingos is a project by Galerie Clemens Gunzer.