The Velvet Underground pink banana



The original The Velvet Underground & Nico album cover is famous for its Warhol design: a yellow banana sticker with “Peel slowly and see” printed near the tip. Those who did remove the banana skin found a pink, peeled banana beneath. Due to this reason The Filthy Flamingos designed 2 Tribute to Tshirts one with a yellow and one with a pink banana.


Classic rock style Tshirt in white (male) or off (female). Female T-shirts come with a round neck cut.

Limited Series – Your Tshirt

All designs are limited to 69, numbered from 1 – 69 respectively, they come in S, M & L for our ladies and in L & XL for the boys. We only use the best available and sustainable fabrics from Stanley & Stella for our Tshirts.

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